Insecurity In Relationships - The Way Out

Published: 10th August 2009
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How are you able to overcome insecurity in relationships?

Having insecurity in relationships is nothing to giggle about. Nearly always, it comes as the result of heartbreak. If your heart has been broken ( whose heart hasn't, really? ) or is broken now, you know precisely what I mean. Besides the depression, all kinds of negative feelings pile up on an already stressed body.

At about that point, you are so unfocused on the positive and so focused on the negative that it's a wonder you can function in the slightest. You go against the Law of Attraction that states that you get what you focus upon. That suggests that rather than being relieved from your discomfort, you are getting even more of it.

Never you worry, though. The Universe is very forgiving and always says YES to you. So, no sooner you shift your focus, your reality will shift as well, from the negative, to the positive.

There are three steps to take to start your journey to recovery from insecurity in relationships


Mourning right after your heartbreak is the only way to go. Don't put off this critical step. The more you take to do it, the longer it will take you to cure. Dive head on.

You aren't just grieving for your lost love or lover. You are mourning for your loss of trust - before you can heal from insecurity in relationships, you've got to first accept that it exists at all!

Go deep into your wound. Cry, scream, punch your pillow, kick rocks, go to your subculture if you must ( just like Orpheus ). Face the darkness. Do what you want to do without pretences. You must be true to your hurt, to your emotions. Your approval that you are hurt is your largest step for your true healing. You'll come back from it a much stronger person and ready for the second step.

2. Plan

To recover from insecurity in relationships you want to go on a journey, your healing journey. And like with any journey, you must plan. You don't go on a trip without knowing what is going to happen beforehand, do you? Even if you are following folks's plan, you want to know what's going down. This is planning.

When it's time for the healing journey, many people hop on an unplanned trip, because they don't know better and they make many mistakes along the path. Don't fall in that trap. Plan and date what you want to do to fix your broken heart and you will find that slowly to start your insecurity in relationships starts to fade.

Plan time for yourself. Plan something that doesn't involve thinking,eg a good massage. Plan your work in small chunks initially - if you don't feel you can get thru a day, plan your diary sixty minutes at a time.

3. Do something

After you plan, the next logical step is to do something. These are some steps that you can take to make sure the path you selected is the best for you. These are some suggestions :

1. Take responsibility for your healing from your insecurity in relationships.

2. Take time for yourself - do things that cause you to feel good. Remember your worth!

3. When you're inspired, do something

4. Remember that'Today is a gift; that is why they call it the present'

5. Forgive each and everyone, past and present - this is often difficult, but if you're to recover from insecurity in relationships you will need to find a way!

6. Understand the Law of Attraction - and use it to attract good people and events.

7. Release negative folks from your life

8. Dive into your spiritual work

9. Do your confirmations and visualizations

10. Be grateful. Appreciate. Bless

11. Expect miracles

So here you are. You may have had a damaged heart and have some residual insecurity in relationships now, but remember that this too shall pass. And when it passes, you'll be so much stronger you will appreciate the journey you went to. And you will bless it.

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